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If You’re Not Recording Your Seminar or Training, You’re Leaving an Absolute Fortune on the Table and That’s Crazy.


Record your seminar right now! Why?  

     If you don't you are leaving literally hundreds or thousands of dollars on the table. That's crazy, right?  

And it's easy. How? Simple. 

     You do what you're good at, speaking at events. Then all you do is simply call me and I'll handle the rest and help you create a revenue stream that could easily double your seminar income! 


     If you’re recording your seminars, we’ll show you a way to get a better multimedia product, lower price and immediate delivery. Imagine being able to offer the attendees the audio CDs and video DVDs from the seminar and deliver either right there at the seminar or shortly afterwards. Imagine how many more orders you would take with an impulse buy like this!


If you are not offering products created from your live seminar (typically called a home study course), you've got to do it! One of the golden rules in marketing is “make it easy for your customers to buy more from you.” Have more desirable products to up sell. When your clients are attending your seminar, that is the best time to offer them additional products and services.

You speak, we’ll create it, shoot it, edit it,
duplicate it, package it and even ship it.

Virtually every person in the seminar business who is not offering videos and audios thought it was too expensive, too much of a hassle, didn’t have the time to coordinate it, or didn’t want to have to deal with another major project.


     Well, I’ve solved those problems. I’ll professionally produce your audio and video products for you. I’ll make it easy for you. You just have to tell me when and where your next seminar is. I will handle all the challenges. The audio, the video, the PowerPoint, the projector. I’ll even coordinate with the hotel to make sure you have everything and everything runs smoothly.


If the reason you haven’t created audio and video products before was you just didn’t want the hassle of packaging, inventory, and shipping we’ll can even handle your fulfillment.


If you’re not offering home study courses on either audio CD or video DVD, you’re crazy to leave all that money on the table!


You speak, we’ll create it, shoot it, edit it.  Then you sell it, and we’ll duplicate it, package it and ship it. We will go all the way from taking your spoken word to putting it in their hands as a product. What could be easier for you?

The 3 biggest mistakes professional speakers are making in creating home study courses.

The first biggest mistake is not recording your seminar and creating desirable products.

The second biggest mistake is not recording the entire seminar and capturing those priceless “magic moments” that occur during every seminar. These moments could be the perfect video clip on your web site, on a demo tape or in a sample package. They could be the powerful headline for you next promotion. These magic moments are things that you can’t plan on or can’t script and they happen at every event and they are gold! And we’ll get them for you.

The third biggest mistake is going on the cheap.

 You’re top in your field and you want professional products. However you know as well as I do that going on the cheap gives you cheap results. And how does that make you look in the marketplace? And more importantly how many returns will you receive back? What will that really cost you with unsatisfied customers, returned products, and a roomful of used products?

     If you know the right people you could have professional videos produced for the same price some of the amateurs are charging or maybe just a little bit more.

Recording live seminars is different.

Recording seminars is totally different that doing weddings, bar mitzvahs, parties, etc. The way you compose shots is different, the equipment you use is totally different, the editing is different. For your purpose, you need it produced, edited, and packaged quickly and economically. Wouldn’t you rather deal with someone that records seminars for a living rather than someone who shoots weddings one weekend and bar mitzvahs the next?


5 killer ingredients for creating successful audio and/or video products.

Most guys get into the video business because they bought a home camera, and now know how to do some editing.  They think that just because they did a great job shooting little Joey at the beach, suddenly they can sell their services and create videos for professional speakers.  Nothing can be further from the truth.

There are 5 killer ingredients for creating professional home study products. Lacking any of these will make you look like you hired a high school kid that recorded his first school play vs. a Hollywood blockbuster. 

5 killer ingredients to create a powerful home study course:

  1. Use two or more professional cameras for multiple camera angles. 
  2. Incorporate your PowerPoint Presentation into the video. 
  3. Digitally master your seminar on DVD. 
  4. Use technically trained personnel to make all the equipment work properly. 
  5. Create powerful video testimonials to promote your home study course. 

2 or more professional cameras is a necessity,
otherwise you are fooling yourself.

     To record a seminar professionally takes at least 2 or 3 cameras. One camera is on you, the presenter and the other ones on the audience. The second (and/or third) camera gives an establisher shot and shows the meeting room, the audience, and gives eye relief to the viewer.


     If your video person is not using professional equipment, don’t expect great results. There is a reason why the networks spend tens of thousands of dollars on a broadcast camera compared to a $600 mini-cam you or your next door neighbor has. A professional camera makes a seminar look professional.


To give you an idea of what these high quality cameras cost, just the lense on my main camera cost $7,000! All professional video cameras have an interchangeable lense. Think of it this way, would you go to a photographer if he was using an instamatic camera with a fixed lense? If you were to go to a video rental house, the rental for one professional camera is $650 to a $1,000 per day.


Having two or more cameras match each other in color is a necessity and requires professional cameras and the understanding of a waveform monitor and vector scope. You want your green tie to be green on one camera and not blue on the others.

Incorporating PowerPoint slides into your
Home Study Course could be expensive!

     Today everyone understanding the effectiveness of PowerPoint slides to get their points across during their seminar.

     It’s critical to integrate these slides into the home study course so the student can easily understand what is going on. Editing in your slides makes the video interesting and much more powerful. It used to be that each PowerPoint slide had to be converted into a video format and then edited in the video. This was very time intensive and costly. One home study course I produced had over 3,000 slides and took 6 weeks just to edit! Very costly!

     We’ve now developed innovative ways to incorporate PowerPoint slides in the video quickly and very cost effectively.

Why DVD is an ideal format for home study courses.

Today, with the emergence and popularity of DVDs, DVD has become the ideal format for your seminar and training products. A DVD has instant access which means your client can easily find a section they need to work on. DVDs are twice the quality and more durable than video tape. Plus DVDs take up less space, are easier to store and much cheaper to ship.

The creation of a DVD is another animal and requires the understanding of compression, authoring, menu creation, audio formats, and a host of other technical issues. Not all video companies know the subtle techniques of how to record live events onto DVDs.

A trained professional gets you great video
and a finished product you would be proud of.

With recording a live event there are many, many technical challenges. One is getting the cameras to sync up and each camera to display the same color. Another challenge is to take the PowerPoint output and record it. Getting all the professional equipment to work together takes advanced technical know-how and experience. Plus, having the training to produce a good camera eye makes your video stand out.

The power of using video testimonials in your marketing.

One of the smartest things you can do during a seminar is to record the experiences of your satisfied customers.  As Ted Nicholas, the master copywriter and entrepreneur said recently “Video testimonials - it is one of the most powerful things you can do in your marketing process to have real people from their heart communication about what they feel about your product and services.”

To get powerful testimonials, you need someone that knows how to draw out those feelings in concise, believable sentences. Plus they need to know how to get good clean audio and the art of properly illuminating your satisfied customer. You want them to look good.

Streaming video is a new marketing tool and will generate more profits to you if you know how to use it.

Streaming video gives you the opportunity to showcase your products with powerful testimonials, samples of your course and a direct connection to you. People buy from people they trust.

The technique of streaming video is tricky. You need smooth looking video and clear audio to have the most impact. This developing technology can increase your bottom line if you know how to use it.

Teaming up with a video company that understands live seminars, streaming video, DVD authoring & marketing can be the difference between success and failure.

My name is James Redmond and I’ve been recording seminars for 18 years. My client list includes Jay Abraham, Chet Holmes, Ted Nicholas, Jack Canfield, Joel Christopher, Terri Levine, Bill Harris, Joe Vitale, Don Wolfe, Barney Zick, Tony Bass among others. In addition, I’ve created some of the most successful sales and marketing videos for JCPenney, Transport Life, Pioneer Life and a host of smaller companies. Recently, I sold footage to the BBC which very few America producers have done.

In 1984 I started a technical degree program in video technology from North Lake College. I took all the video courses required for the degree. Since that time, I have attended many advanced courses with prominent leaders from Mimi Goldberg, one of the associate producers of 60 minutes to Ralph Rosenblum, one of the editors for Woody Allen. Plus I have 18+ years of video experience. What this means to you is that you get someone that knows what he is doing.


We know what it takes to create a home study course for you.



Jack Canfield, co-author of

"Chicken Soup for the Soul" had us

create a Home Study Course from his 7 Day Seminar.

      We know what it takes to create home study courses out of live events. We’ve been doing it for years. We’re confident of the video products we can create for you. All we need is for you to tell us where and when your seminar is, how long it is and we will handle everything else. Out of your seminar we will create products for you. It’s that simple. Call now to see if we have an opening for your next seminar and to reserve us.

Bonus One – Free Video Testimonials

During your seminar we will record 5 to 7 video testimonials of your satisfied customers. To have a professional to record these would cost you at least a $1,000.00. We’re giving this as a free bonus.

Bonus Two – Free Marketing Clip

After your seminar we will record you talking about the benefits of your home study course. This video clip will be ready to be streamed over the internet so you could begin marketing your new products.

Don’t leave a fortune on the table. Call now to find out how easily it is for us to create products for you.

All the best,


James Redmond

PS One of the benefits (at least for me) with doing high quality reasonably priced work is I get booked up. Some of my customers booked me 6 to 18 months ahead of the event. If you have a date in mind, either call or email me and lets see what we can work out.

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